PicsArt_1409142876489Where does our gaze land? As storms sweep in, And the dusk deepens? 

As light fades to the horizon? 

And we know the night is near?…

What do we see? Know? Feel? Taste? Smell?

Is it fear, exhilaration?
Is it hope, expectation?
Do we see a big picture?
Or is our focus narrow?

How well do we trust God through this transition from day to night?

From ease to heartache?
From peace to storm?

Oh God, we place ourselves firmly within your grasp. Held within your love.

Sheltered within your shalom.
Rest… be still.


Just for a moment

There are days…
When we look in one direction and see beauty.
Imagine quiet.
Knowing full well that our ears are full of the noises of life.
And it is messy behind us.
Around us are all the calls that demand our attention.
Yet still we look.
If only for a moment.
Toward beauty and calm.
Toward peace.
Toward intentional breathing.
Toward God.
And just for a moment the noise and the mess fades.
And we remember that we are held.

The dance

Your dance is beautiful.

A gentle rythmn
Slow pace.
Full of fluidity and grace.
Thoughtful. Intimate.
It settles the anxious.
Brings with it an invitation.
To move heart. To move mind.
To get up and dance.
For you. About you. With you.

Your dance is balm to our soul.
Our dance is life praise to You.


Spirit of God. Almighty. Divine.                                                                                                     Blow through these lives. That the music of our hearts is a symphony of love, peace, joy, compassion..


Blow Spirit, blow..
Like a cleansing breeze that animates our hearts,
Bringing life to weary bones,
and strengthens us for a new and glory filled day..

Resting, not stationary.

Abiding, not stagnate.

Holding on…to our moving Christ.
That we will move as one with you…



We, the loved…

Your wind blows, enlivening us.
~ animate our hearts ~
Your Spirit, as a breeze, refreshing us.
~ life flow into our veins ~
And we, the loved, move.
~ awaken us Almighty God ~
Like tender branches, we flex.
~ help us be responsive to you ~
Yet grounded. Roots planted.
~ secure us to you ~
And our lives find renewed meaning as your Spirit wind blows..38433237_1468495233294661_7659454511714402304_n                                   
Image found via Pinterest, without source identification. 

On a familiar road

Coming out day

Today is coming out day!

As I write this I am thinking about all the people who are sharing with their family member or close friends that they are not heterosexual. Who are facing their fears, pent up anxieties and quite possibly their worst imaginings that are and maybe aren’t actually happening.

I have come back to this draft a number of times over the course of today. And now  Coming Out Day is over. But you know what? Sometimes a pause before hitting publish isn’t a bad thing. Because sometimes its better to wait and speak to a couple more people before you put it all out there for (potentially) the world to read.

Some time ago I wrote a post called Compassion. You might like to check it out as it relates very specifically to what I am about to say, and the questions I want you to spend some serious time thinking about. Obviously I do not need to hear your musings or answers, but if you  want to share, then please feel free! So here goes..

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Chickens. A lesson in fear.

Today I was visiting a friend with my 5 year old. Its a farm, with chickens roaming around, laying magnificent eggs of the truly free ranging variety. We wandered through them as we made our way to the lamb that is being bottle fed. My daughter panicked. Screamed. Called out to me to carry her, because the chickens “are going to peck me mum!” The fear she had was real. My calm voice tried to speak truth to her fears. I asked her if she had ever been pecked by a chicken before (no, she hasn’t), and why she thought the chicken would peck her, when she had never been pecked by a chicken before? The fear was so great in her, but the lesson was equally for me. I held her…

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I was…and you did not. 

I picked up my phone to get words off my heart onto the page. 

They went something like this…

I cry tonight as the words weigh heavy. The words cut deep and leave me feeling as though I stand as one. All alone. With no others close and understanding my heart. 

I picked up my phone and its message light flashed. I read and I smile. Oh there are others. Who understand and cry along with me. Who take the flack directed at ‘me’ and make it ‘ours’. It begins. 

I don’t cry alone. The carers. The bleeding hearts. The names that people hurl as though they are some kind of insult. But they aren’t you know. They aren’t. 

There are multitudes of people. So much like you. So much like me. Except they suffer far greater than we could possibly imagine. Our lives are peaceful in comparison. You and I. We have so much. So much stuff that seems meaningless. Unnecessary. Truly surplus to requirements. And yet it seems our default posture is to grab and snatch and hold on tight and strive for more… like the toddler who is still learning to share. Have we not learned yet? Will we ever? 

Because tonight they cry out. Have we a space to share? Any my bleeding heart replies “YES”!